Pupil Voice

At the school we believe deeply in involving the children fully in the life of the school and in developing their sense of democracy, citizenship and global awareness. This is very much in line with our role of being a Rights Respecting School. Pupils engage with issues directly effecting their life in school though our School Council. This is an elected body of pupils who offer views and ideas on matters such as welfare, curriculum, provision etc within the school. We also have a School Ethics Council who engage pupils in matters beyond the school gates. This is a similarly elected body who engage in issues such as fairtrade, equality, energy conservation, awareness of human rights as well as raising money to support global disaster situations and charities. Finally we have two elected Pupil Governors (one from each campus), who attend Full Governing Body meetings to offer a pupil perspective on many issues and also acts as a direct monitoring tool for governors wishing to gain the pupil perspective on school issues. To discover much more about the work of these councils please use the links below to access their Its Learning areas.

School Council Area

Ethics Council Area